Zooshine 4PCS Advanced Metal Brain Teasers Puzzles Higher Level Challenge for Party Games,Parent-Children Games, Office Toys, Gift for Kids Adults

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The 4set Zooshine Vantage & Advanced level metal brain puzzles are special designed for the person who want to more challenge in puzzles games.

It condenses Chinese traditional culture with unique creative. Linked together these wire pieces do come apart with the right strategy. Patience is a virtue.
The brain teasers are very good toys for parent-child, party games,family entertainment,killing time and office relax.

Package included:
4pcs advanced metal brain teasers.
instruction paper called “challenge guide”

***If you want more fun and Challenge,please DO NOT refer to the solution “challenge guide” at the very beginning.
The really most interesting thing is exploring,but not the result.
4-in-1 ADVANCED metal brain teasers puzzles,gives you more challenge and fun
Very nice for party games,parent-child family games office toys for relax and killing time
Good for creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQ , bring you working Inspiration
Metal brain teasers condenses with traditional Chinese culture and quite interesting
TIPS: please DO NOT refer to the “Challenge Guide” at the very begining, the really most interesting thing is exploring it,but not the result $9.98 $9.98


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