Yealvin Puppet Cube 3×3 Stickerles Bandaged Magic Speed Cube Puzzle Cube Brain Teasers (V2)

31D3u7IyK6L. AC41ssFIVhvvL. AC41AgJa9KzkL. AC41fe35JcQyL. AC410AzpE9MJL. AC51J88ZiBYHL. AC buynow3 Product Information:
Product Size:About 5.6×5.6×5.6cm;
Cube Weight: About 76g ;
Shipping Weight: About 150g ;
General Material: ABS Plastic;
Color: Colorful;
Packing: Original Box;
Package Include:1 x Puppet Cube;
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★★New creative Puppet Cube, with novel structure design, subverting conventional modeling and breaking through traditional imagination thinking
★★Awesome Looking, solid color splicing and frosted surface make magic cube more beautiful and feel better
★★The internal structure has been optimized, very stable, smooth rotation, light weight, feel very good
★★The magic cube in the rotation need to avoid the restriction module, increased the difficulty of magic cube reduction, when restoring magic cube, you need to be more patient
★★Take it and try it. I believe this magic cube will definitely give you a different rotating experience, suitable for everyone who likes challenges $10.99 $10.99


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