Yealvin Gear Cube Set, Gear Speed Cube Set of 3×3 Gear Cube Cylindrical Gear Cube Megaminx Gear Cube and Pyraminx Gear Cube Brain Teasers Puzzle Toys 4 Pack

51ulJDQVZFS. AC518i66gZdGS. AC411qu3YnDyL. AC41FNHuPvdPS. AC51yNguuoc7L. AC511CrFM9hKL. AC51n2zQOYQHS. AC buynow3 Product Information:
Cube Weight: About 440g;
Shipping Weight: 600g;
General Material: ABS Plastic;
Color: Black;
Packing: Original Box;
Package Include:4xGear Magic Cube;
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※Creative gear cube combination. These four gear cubes are of different shapes , the gameplay has been upgraded. The gear structure, only those who have played it know its charm
※As the name implied Gear cube uses gear mechanism while rotating.The middle part will rotate with the side rotation
※It is a GEAR mod in which the pieces shape shift making it look like a mess,but once you solve it, it magically becomes cube shaped again, choose a variety of options, you can choose your favorite magic cube to start restoring
※This gear cube set is suitable for everyone who likes to challenge! Perfectly reduce stress, exercise brain, improve patience and memory
※Take it and try it! This is an puzzle toy that can bring you happiness no matter when and where. You will like it $34.99 $34.99


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