Wooden Kongming Lock,3D Brain Teaser Puzzle,Office Decompression Puzzle for Adult, Desktop Intelligence Gift for Kids ! (Globe)

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Product Description


Zhuge Kongming is an outstanding figure in ancient China. During the Three Kingdoms period, Mr. Zhuge invented the Kongming lock, which was widely spread among the people.


Luban Lock

Luban lock originated from the heavy mortise and tenon structure of Chinese architecture. It is a fixed combination of ancient Chinese traditional civil architecture. It is also an intellectual toy that is widely circulated among Chinese folks and contains rich wisdom.There are many kinds of Luban locks, with different shapes and internal structures. Usually, they are easy to remove and difficult to install. Assembly requires careful observation, careful thinking, and analysis of its internal structure. It is good for developing our brains, flexible fingers, and exercising our perseverance. It is a good educational toy and leisure toy.Next, explore this mysterious toy with curiosity. I wish you a wonderful experience with Lu Bansuo, and I hope it can help you and make you more and more wise.


Not only suitable for daily use at home, educational use, but also suitable for all kinds of parties, has a very wide range of uses.The delicate and ingenious structure requires the use of the brain, which can attract children’s attention, improve observation, effectively use the brain, promote the development of brain intelligence, and exercise children’s intelligence.Difficult to disassemble and difficult structure, it takes time to unravel the mystery of this educational toy, which can prevent children from playing games and reduce the time spent on video games.Our educational toys come in a variety of styles, each of which has a unique charm. After you can unlock them one by one, you will have a great sense of achievement, and at the same time effectively develop your own intelligence.


High-quality wood materials

The appearance is smoothThe parts are tightly connected, not easy to damage, will not hurt the handsThe quality is very good, and children can use it with confidence




Made of pure wood

No smell, good material quality, it is a very safe educational toy

Smooth surface

The surface of the wooden strip is smooth, even when the child is playing, it will not hurt the hands, it is skin-friendly

Sturdy structure

The connection between each part is tight, not easy to loose, and the structure is stable.

★BRAIN TEASERS – Test logic and creative thinking with this cool but simple brain teaser. These brain games are great for killing time, fidgeting, and avoiding electronics. They are a healthier way to practice mindfulness and focus. Can also be used for fun party games.
★PROFOUND CULTURAL HERITAGE – wooden 3D brain teasers educational toys originated from ancient Chinese which called KongMing locks. Assembly requires careful observation and thought to analyze its internal structure.
★MORE CHALLENGING – Children should be used under adult supervision. It is a puzzle that will entertain and challenge all of yours. Helps exercise the brain, develop intelligence, improve problem-solving skills and relieve stress.
★THE PERFECT GIFT – for every occasion! For Christmas gifts, office gifts, etc. 3D brain teasers can be taken anywhere.
★100% SATISFACTORY SERVICE – If you are not completely satisfied with your educational toys, please let us know and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution. For a risk-free purchase, click “Add to Cart”. $15.00 $15.00 - $11.90


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