Wood Trick Mystery Flower Für Elise Wooden Music Box Kit – Keepsake & Jewelry Box – 3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults and Kids to Build – DIY

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Product Description

wood trick, wooden toys, 3d puzzleswood trick, wooden toys, 3d puzzles

Model size: 6 x 6 x 3.5 inches

General recommendations:

– use sanding (included) to remove burrs from the gears;

– be sure to thoroughly smear the wax (included) on all the gears;

– be delicate when removing the constructor elements from the wood board;

– if there are any difficulties in connecting the parts, treat the toothpicks with paraffin wax (included);

The tenderness and melodiousness are combined in the entry of Wood Trick – the Mystery Flower wooden music box

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This model kit is an awesome composition with engraving details, flowing lines, and magic form lines

The Mysterious Flower Box is a prefabricated model of a fantastic jewelry box from Wood Trick. We were inspired by ancient craftsmen who created unique jewelry boxes made of wood, stone, and even precious metals and crystal. We decided to create our special box to delight you every day.

The Wood Trick 3D model assembly kit includes 278 pieces and detailed instructions. It will help you understand how to connect the wooden parts and make the assembly process exciting and fun.

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It will take you approximately 6—8 hours to fully assemble The Mysterious Flower Box, but that time will fly by unnoticed!

Our wooden box has its own “secrets.” It has a beautiful lid and a unique mechanism for opening it resembling blooming flowers. Our Mysterious Flower Box also has a musical accompaniment: the famous Beethoven melody “To Elise.”

No glue! You don’t have to get your hands dirty with glue to assemble the model, and everything you need (and even some spare parts) is already included in the assembly kit.

All parts of The Mysterious Flower Box are made of sustainable plywood. This way, we protect the environment from unnecessary pollution and make the public aware of the importance of keeping nature clean.

Inside the 3D model is enough space to safely and conveniently store your jewelry.

Assembly process is very clear and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled

diy music box kit, 3d music box puzzle, birthday music boxdiy music box kit, 3d music box puzzle, birthday music box

birthday musical box, wooden musical box hand crankbirthday musical box, wooden musical box hand crank

musical boxmusical box

Assembly Time (estimated)
≈ 2 hours ≈ 3 hours ≈ 3 hours ≈ 3 hours ≈ 3 hours ≈ 3 hours

Assembled Size
5.31*5.31*6.3 in 6.10*5.51*5.51 in 2.99*5.70*4.72 in 6.50*5.32*5.32 in 6.30*4.53*4.53 in 8*6.5*8.5 in

Quantity of parts
73 48 36 92 97 162

Recommended Age
14 y.o. and up 14 y.o. and up 14 y.o. and up 14 y.o. and up 14 y.o. and up 14 y.o. and up

Glueless Assembly

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Wood Trick is about passing the craftsmanship and knowledge from generation to generation, near the family fireplace at home or at the grandfather’s old wooden table, full of memories.

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3d puzzles3d puzzles

It is no secret that puzzles make a person’s brain see things in terms of parts and wholes. Wood Trick 3D Mechanical Models appeal to people from different age groups.

enhances creative thinking skills; promotes critical thinking skills; develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.

You will actually build your own wooden music box model from scratch!

No words can fully describe the satisfaction upon completing a full set!

Building one model with the entire family creates a great bonding experience for each family member.

“Wood Trick” constructor kits will bring the family together by keeping children away from eye-straining tablets, and instead promoting comprehensive brain development. This development is achieved by introducing children to the (fun)damentals of mechanics, cultivating patience and attention, promoting fine motor skills, and encouraging imaginative artistic thinking.

Complexity of assembly: Challenging Assembly time: 8 hours Quantity of parts: 278 wooden kits Materials: high-quality plywood; no glue required Model size, l*w*h: 6 x 6 x 3.5 inches Recommended Age: 14 years and up

STURDY & SECURE: ​Elegant and stylish, 3d music box puzzle has reliable structure with locking mechanism. It provides secure keeping of valuable items and prevents them of falling out
UNIQUE GIFT – It can be presented both as a wooden model kit for adults and kids to build or an already-assembled handmade 3d wooden puzzle music box
DIY ASSEMBLING: This is a high time to develop and reveal your creative features and assemble the wooden musical jewelry box by yourself. No glue needed, easy assembling instructions are available
List Price: $54.90

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