ULT-unite3D Wooden Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle

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luban lock
★Cultural & Origins: Kongming lock is a traditional Chinese intellectual puzzle toy, also named Luban lock. The concave and convex parts inside the three-dimensional interpolation toy mesh perfectly.
★Suitable for All Ages: With the recreational function, the wooden cube puzzles are suitable for all ages. Such as office workers,children and the old.
★Benefits: If you order the wooden cube puzzles, it will be a great opportunity for parents and children interact together which can enhance closeness. Moreover, it can challenge your mind, patience and help develop the intellect.Perfect for IQ development and imagination.
★Great Variety in Designs: Kongming locks come in different shapes and sizes, with different internal structures. 6 different designs, 6 different fun.
★High Material: Excellent selection of natural wood, wear-resistant and durable,and use environmental protection wood lacquer, non-toxic and odourless, smooth and resilient. $15.99 $15.99


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