True Genius – Grecian Glass Bottle Brainteaser Puzzle

31G8tewrNHL. AC41eSLzlOOYL. AC31T0pPHr4dL. AC31Gel89Q4QL. AC buynow3 You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, but what about a puzzle in a bottle? Experts also call these ancient bottles “glass ungeuentarium” and they were used to hold oil and perfume by our ancestors. Use your wits and patientence to figure out how to remove all the various items from this glass bottle without breaking it and then continue the challenge by putting it all back together again. It’s dobable, but at first glance the task seems pretty impossible! This True Genius puzzle is a great conversation piece for your bookshelf or coffee table. Difficulty 5 of 5.
GREAT GIFT – This high quality brainteaser puzzle is the perfect gift for history buffs, game collectors and brainy people in your life. They can play, then display. True Genius items make fantastic gifts for men, women, children and espcially good gifts for teens!
HISTORIC INSPIRATION – all brainteasers from the True Genius line are inspired by one of five different ancient civilizations from around the world – including Rome, Greece, China, Egypt and the ancient Aztec empire.
FUN FOR ALL AGES – True Genius brainteasers are great for curious minds, ages 7 – 107! These unique logic games shapen minds and fingers at the same time. It only takes a few moments to understand the mechanics of the puzzle, but can take a while to conquer the challenge!
PLAY UNPLUGGED – These high quality puzzles are constructed from wood and metal for a classic look and feel. They offer the chance to play organically and give your eyes a break from screen time. No batteries needed!
TRUE GENIUS by PROJECT GENIUS – Project Genius had been a leading manufacturer of mechanical puzzles and strategy games throughout the United States for over 10 years. We are committed to developing unforgettable puzzle-solving experiences with high-quality materials and innovative design. $16.42 $16.42


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