toyofmine Memory Game Brain Teaser Puzzles Handheld Games with Lights – Competitive Maze Challenge Gameplay -Cognitive Developmental Brain Teaser Puzzle Toy for Kids Ages 4-8

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Product Description

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Toyofmine Memory Game


Get ready for fast-paced play with lights that challenge players with every sequence. To beat the Memory game, players need to remember the color pattern and repeat it by pressing the colored buttons on the game unit in the correct order. It starts off at a rather steady pace, but the more you play, the more complicated the patterns become, building suspense with each turn. And even if you do mess up, players are given one chance to redeem themselves before they have to start over.


Memory Practice and Building

This pattern following game is a great way to exercise the prefrontal cortex, recognition memory, and concentration abilities. Cognitive developmental toys are the small things that are worth more than they may seem. Also handy to be used as a fidget toy, this attention grabbing game will help with basic brain workouts that prove beneficial short-term and in the long run.


How to Play?

1. Remove the Battery Protector on the unit

2. Press the start button

3. Watch, Remember, and Repeat! Can’t remember the Pattern? Game Over!

4. The Player who remember more pattern wins the game!

*You can refer to the video in this listing for detail of how to play*



Specs and Details

Dimensions: 3″ x 3″ x 1″ 3 x 1.5v Button Batteries, are required and included Recommended ages: 6+

Suitable age
6+ 5+ 5+ 6+

Help improve brainstorm and hand-eye coordination Improve Memory. Cognitive Developmental Brain Teaser Puzzle educational toys Stress, Anxiety Relief

REPEAT THE PATTERNS: Memory run is the exciting electronic game of bright lights! Players repeat random sequences of flashing lights by pressing the colored pads in the correct order.
DIFFICULTY BUILDS: It starts off at a nice steady pace, but the light sequences get more and more complicated as the game continues, and the pace speeds up, proving harder to track.
CLASSIC GAMEPLAY: Watch attentively, remember, and repeat! The electronic handheld game presents an exciting challenge to track, and repeat the patterns and advance to higher levels.
PLAY SOLO: Compete with friends or play solo. Try to hit a new high score by completing the longest sequence possible, you are given one chance to fix a mistake before starting over.
HIGH QUALITY: Made from sturdy materials, providing a durable set of challenging gameplay for children to play with, helps develop their cognitive and concentration skills.
List Price: $9.88

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