TOPILFT Plastic Pattern Blocks Animals & Trucks Tangram Puzzle Educational Game Toys for Toddlers Jigsaw Puzzle Brain Teaser Sorting and Stacking Game for Kids as Learning Gift(41 Shapes 63 Cards)

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Jigsaw Puzzle Block
[As Wonderful Gift for Kids, It Can Exercise Toddler’s Logical Thinking Skills] If children want to know how to play,they have to observe the shapes of pattern puzzle blocks.Playing puzzle toys will encourage kids to think,the brain needs to be running all the time to find the right spelling,which improves kid’s memory,judgment and thinking skills and also exercises the baby’s ability to overcome difficulties.
[Improve Babys’ Ability of Observation,Analysis,Patience and Concentration] Playing jigsaw puzzles requires kids to sit down and pay attention which cultivates their patience and concentration.Putting tangram pieces together according to design cards requires kids to observe the each shape of the toy.At the same time,this game will teach them how to distinguish colors and graphics.
[Cultivate Toddlers’ Ability of Cooperation] When pattern blocks’ shapes are many,kids need play with their parents or friends.If kids can’t finish their own part,they might ask their game partners or parents for help,so children learn how to cooperate with each other and in the process it can also exercise their skills in getting along with and communicating with others.
[Fun Pattern Block Puzzle Games Can Promote Children’s Hands-on Ability and Creativity] Educational experts believe that the best period for children to exercise their hands-on skills is from 3-8 years old and interesting games are the best way to improve their hands-on skills.Playing tangram puzzles game is a great way to exercise children’s hands-on ability.Children with strong hands-on ability will also have stronger thinking ability and math learning ability.
[Develop Kids’ Math Thinking and Imagination] Pattern puzzles is a kind of geometric thinking and educational game which help them develop their imagination and understand the relationship between parts and wholes.The pattern blocks set contains 41 shape pieces & 63 design cards which including animals, vehicles etc.,kids can try to build what is shown on the cards or create their own designs. $13.99 $13.99 - $9.99


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