The Learning Journey: Match It! Head to Tail – 20 Self-Correcting Animal-Themed Puzzle Sets – Matching Puzzles for Children Ages 3-6 Years (40 Pieces)

41T+RN mzXL. AC51qmUgeeAIL. AC51ozt8hNUhL. AC51CBDMEg6oL. AC buynow3 This colorful set of 20 animal puzzle cards provides children with an excellent introduction to the animals. Each card features a picture of an animal’s head, mid section, and the animal’s tail. Simply match the heads, mid section and tails to complete the puzzle. The puzzles are self-correcting as no two puzzle cuts are the same. Ages 3+
Develop observational skills – Finding the correct pieces and putting them together helps to develop the child’s observational skills and encourage them to hone their attention to detail.
Explore the animal world – children who love animals will love the fun animal Kingdom theme of this puzzle. Exploring the different animals provides ample opportunity to learn about animals and their world – great for boosting conversational skills and vocabulary.
Encourage social interaction – match it! games are a fantastic way to get children playing together and having fun while interacting, boosting their conversational skills and encouraging them to interact. Family friendly fun that everyone can enjoy!
Develop problem-solving skills – working out how to play and coming up with basic strategies for winning the game is a fun way for children to develop those all-important problem-solving skills that will help them in their future education.
Boost confidence – as your child develops the skills needed to play and succeed with this match it! game, their confidence is also growing and helping motivate them to be more open to new and exciting learning opportunities. $14.99 $14.99 - $10.99


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