The Einstein Collection Einstein’s House Riddle/Riddle Based Brain Game/Professor Puzzle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzles

51H7nVl7D3L. AC51QJnBpvOcL. AC51qAuHapCdL. AC51Rwf02HlpL. AC51XZ0hntFhL. AC buynow3 Born the son of a salesman and a housewife in Germany near the turn of the 20th century, Einstein is now considered one of the worlds most brilliant minds. True puzzle lovers will revel in the opportunity to master this new range of brainteasers which are as enigmatic and complex as the Man himself. Each puzzle is cleverly linked to Einstein through his famous theories and quotes. The ultimate problem-solver and a lover of brainteasers, it has been suggested that Einstein might have written this classic riddle himself. It’s a fun but challenging test of deductive reasoning. The aim is to use the fifteen clues to arrange the pieces of the wooden houses in the right place to work out who owns the fish. Whilst everyone at PP is trying to disprove theory, it is believed that 98% of those who try, cannot solve it. Can you claim your space in the 2% whose Genius might just rival that of the great Man himself? just one piece from the Einstein puzzle range. Is your brain big enough for them all? visit the Professor Puzzle website for hints and solutions if you find yourself among the 98%…
Professor Puzzle presents The Einstein House 3D Interlocking Wooden Puzzle Game suitable for both kids & adults.
Includes 5 different colored houses and 20 different variable pieces.
Play with this challenging brain teaser as you attempt to rearrange the pieces correct in each house using on 15 clues.
A great gift for any fan of creative thinking brain teaser puzzles.
Part of the official Albert Einstein collection – A suite of complex 3D Puzzle / Brain Games. $29.99 $29.99


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