SOMOG 3D Metal Puzzles DIY Dinosaur Velociraptor Model Kit, 160Pcs Metal Model 3D Puzzle Miniature Model Kits, Steel 3D Metal Puzzle Brain Teaser Stainless Steel Ornaments for Adults

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Design Story: The prototype selected by Blitz Boy is the Therizinosaurus, which is also translated as the swift Raptor and the speed dragon. It means agile thief in Latin and lives in the late Cretaceous. Its biggest feature is its slender body and sickle foot. We specially strengthened the sickle foot, which is. slightly smaller than others, reflecting its agility and sense of speed.
Details: The product features most mobile joints, such as the adjustable legs, mouth that can be opened and closed, and two movable paws. All metal edges are chamfered and smoothed for free playing without worrying about cutting hands.
Guide: The model is exquisitely made of stainless steel metal material, with fine grinding surface for comfortable and smooth hand feel. Comes with a total of 160PCS+ to assemble easily for 2-3 hours in line with the detailed English paper manual provided. No Glue or Solder Needed!
Value: Enjoy fun and a sense of accomplishment through DIY assembly. The exquisite product features many mobile joints and adjustable wing structure. By assembling, children analyzes the mechanical structure of butterfly, this not only develops their practical ability and creativity, but also bring fun.
Perfect Gift: the metal puzzle model is suitable for home decoration and collection not only makes a perfect gift for friends and kids on birthdays, Christmas, bonding activities, Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving Day, also available as an incredible present for yourself. $37.99 $37.99


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