Solid Pentominoes – Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

51rC5OjA+dL. AC51PjG2gfv4L. AC51VbAjEEDbL. AC51rvl0dw11L. AC41mEsKdVvuL. AC51z3 D5qdeL. AC buynow3 The Pentominoes, Some of the oldest poly form wooden puzzles first formed as chessboards. Our Solid Pentominoes game is a fun geometry brain teaser, containing the classic 12 Pentominoes pieces and a square piece. Each of the Pentominoes pieces consist of five squares joined edge to edge forming different shapes. You may find the shapes of the alphabet letters: I,L,P,T,U,V,W,,Y,Z. the F looks like it had an accident and N takes some imagination. The Solid Pentominoes offer great challenges to the puzzler. For example: Try build a rectangle size 6×10 – This rectangle has 2339 different solutions. A 3×20 rectangle has only 2 solutions. A 4×15 rectangle has 368 solutions. A 5×12 rectangle has 1010 solutions. A 5x4x3 cube has 3940 solutions. A 6x5x2 cube has 264 solutions. A 10x3x2 cube has 12 solutions. This version comes complete with a box and a lid so that the pieces can be stored away for safe keeping, as well as a challenges booklet, we created, that includes many challenges and the solutions, to start the playing. For age 13+ or adults.
Classic Pentomino Game: Sharpen analytical skills and engage the mind.
Using the 12 pento pieces and a square piece build all kind of shapes and rectangles.
Comes included with a challenges and solutions Booklet, to give hours of fun challenging play
Handmade and High Quality. Made of Natural Wood
Pieces are stored in a beautiful wooden box. Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 1″ $16.95 $16.95


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