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[ Puzzle Games ]-Solve the puzzle on the LED by sliding the blocks, and the goal is to move the big red block to the bottom center area of the board and place each grid as required. Each piece is made from safe and durable materials that are safe for both children and adults. Have fun and don’t worry about it[ A Game Console For All Ages] – The super slider has over 500 built-in levels for all ages to challenge. For children, it can exercise logical thinking ability and spatial imagination. For adults, it can release the pressure of work and life and get the pleasure of challenging yourself![ Great Creative Travel Gift ] – This educational toy measures 7.8*4.7inches, the perfect size for adults to play with one hand, very portable! Each block has weak magnetism, and the feeling of movement and the sound of the block hitting are very decompressing. You can play anywhere in the classroom/library/station/office, supporting hours of challenging fun! The attractive logic and fun, the exquisite box packaging, the clear puzzle toy instruction. That’s a perfect gift for adults, kids, and puzzle players


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The completion time is different, the corresponding level is also differentCompleted within 20 seconds, the rating is A, that is, an expert;Completed within 20-60, the rating is B, that is, the master;Completed within 60-300 seconds, the rating is C-level, that is, elite,Completed within 300-500 seconds, the rating is D, that is, advanced;Completed within 500-700 seconds, the rating is E, that is, intermediate;Completed within 700-800 seconds, the rating is F level, that is, primary;Completed within 800-999 seconds, directly eliminated, rated as entry

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Different from the traditional slide fixed chess game, this various chess pieces are equipped with magnetic adsorption, and just the right magnetic design, solve the puzzle on the LED by sliding the blocks, it can be aligned in place with a slight push, the hand feels light and smooth, the pieces are not easily scattered, and the problem-solving speed is improved, which is a perfect combination of tradition and present
Sliding speed board game, battery 2*AAA,built-in more than 500 electronic question banks, divided into 7 difficulty levels, step by step to solve problems, exercise brain thinking ability, cultivate concentration. Develop children’s thinking logic training, learn in play, and grow happily
The packaging is exquisite and the product looks good, so it is very suitable as a gift. Outer box size is 8.86*9.65*2.17inch(about 22.5*24.5*5.5cm)
You can accompany your kid to play with the toy. When he meets difficulties, you can lead him to solve problems. You can have a PK with your kid. During this process, you can find your childhood again. and experience the joy of parent-child interaction
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