Sherlock Holmes’ Book of Conundrums: Brain Teasers, Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Logic Problems

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Tea Clippers (Problem Solving)

The Master at the workhouse decided to give the wretched beggars a break from their physically punishing work with a little mental workout instead. The aim of the game was to deduce the position of 10 Tea Clippers of varying length in the grid, based on the clues provided. Anyone who solved the puzzle in under 10 minutes was allowed an extra pint of beer with their supper. Would you be one of the lucky few who successfully completed the challenge and had the extra beer to sup with their supper?

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Deerstalker (Math)

A very singular deerstalker, wearing of course a deerstalker hat, had a sporting sense of fairness—if he missed a deer with his first shot, he took no further shot at it and allowed it to escape. If the deerstalker had a 25 percent success rate, with one in four of his shots hitting its intended target, what is the chance that he fired five shots and four hit their cervine targets?

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