Set of 24 Metal Puzzles Brain Teasers for Adults Bent Nail Puzzle Chinese Brain Toys for Dementia Patients by Kvvdi

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Material: High quality metal

Product features:
*Chinese traditional folk intelligence puzzle toys, high IQ people can unlock the blacksmith puzzle
*Unlocking them takes a long time, which can also train people’s patience. It is a logic games toys
*It can also increase the difficulty according to their needs.
*A great puzzles for dementia patients

This brain puzzles set consists of 24 classic metal puzzles, all of these puzzles are very classic and popular, very ideal for adults because it combines both logic and creative thinking. It is also an ideal gift. This toy consists of nine interlocking links. unlocking them takes a long time, which it can also cultivate people’s the spirit of work study focused and your patience. You can be assured of playing, because it is no burr, no rust, no fade, gloss durable, non-toxic, environment item. This product size designed according to the social survey, its size is in line with the requiremnets of most people, easy to carry, feel good. You soive the problem by yourself, then you will get achievement.

Total in 24, CHALLENGE IT!!!
MATERIAL: The puzzles for adults are 100% brand new high quality metal and exquisite processing ensures absolute durability and structure, do not rust and do not fade.
RELEASE PRESSURE: 24 different types of unlocking toys can relieve stress and relax. Unlocking them may be takes a long time, which can also test fully your patience and attentive. It can also increase the difficulty according to their needs.
RECOMMENDED AGE: 14 & UP years old, young people to ease the pressure, the elderly can exercise the brain to prevent dementia.
CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Metal brain teasers puzzles for adults is a chinese toys condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting, Good for creative thinking and improve your logical thinking. After getting each puzzles solved by yourself, then you will get achievement.
HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Chinese traditional folk intelligence puzzle toys come with 24 different puzzles with different level of difficulty, a number of actions and processing visual input. This product aims at keep brain activities and Anti-Alzheimer’s. $17.98 $17.98


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