Rubik’s Cube Rainbow Ball Color Matching Puzzle, Fun Addictive Educational Toy Gift for Adults & 4+ Kids, Develop Hands-On, Memory, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills (Black)

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A fidget toy with color-matching puzzle/mind teaser designed for both adults and ages 4+ kids. Perfect for hands-on skill, improving memory, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Addictive, fun and educational
It challenges your imagination, creativity, patience and speed to solve this colorful puzzle. Shuffle the balls, and then match the color of the ball with the outer ring to win
The pocket-size puzzle is a perfect traveling companion for kids to enjoy & relax at airport, in bus, train, airplane, etc. Keeping them occupied with a fun & engaging challenge
Simple but this fun and addictive puzzle toy to keep you busy for long periods of time. A perfect educational toy and ideal gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc
The first ever Rubik’s Cube Solving Ball. It is made of durable ABS plastic material. The 4″ Rainbow Ball is now available in both Black and White colors $13.99 $13.99


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