Riddle Me These, Kids!: Challenging Riddles for Smart Kids and Family Fun for Adults, Numbered, with Funny Headings

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If you want your child to develop problem-solving skills, then this book is for you! If your child is gifted or bright it may be practically a must that you work together at solving puzzles, word games, and riddles, and Riddle Me These can make such pursuits laugh-filled and effective. Have fun while you work out your grey cells together playing a simple game of Riddle Me This. The advantages of working through these funny riddles will include:Support your child’s problem-solving skill developmentHelp guide and sharpen logical thinking in your offspringPresent challenges requiring your child to use every bit of his or her knowledgeSupport critical thinking skillsDevelop greater verbal ability and dexterity in your young onesBetter motivate your child in academic pursuitsHelp your kids build develop a better ability to concentrate and focusDo something truly fun and valuable together with your child!Explore now the funniest collection of riddles for ages 10 to 14, featuring Family Brain Teasers, and Fun for Smart Kids, with numbered riddles, and sometimes hilarious headings. This modest volume of 170 riddles ranges from easy to difficult brain teasers, and from the funny to the irritating, What is more, our riddle-filled publication is designed to be ideal for holiday gift giving.

As the subtitle of this book says, these puzzlers are “challenging riddles for smart kids (whether your kids are excelling academically or not) and family fun for adults (you will laugh at most of these riddles right along with your children), numbered, with funny headings.” Note that having them numbered means you will be able to return to the last riddle you worked on. Having good headings can help with that, too, but more importantly it can help furnish clues and funny commentary on the riddle at hand. The riddles in this volume will help your child develop an inquisitive habit of mind, and a stick-to-it approach for solving problems and probing challenges at school and in later life. Best of all, the time spent together on these little puzzles may just prove to be something you and your child may always remember fondly.

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Take for example this testimony from one person whose family benefitted from sharing the riddles together: “My grandson (he’s 20) reviewed your book. He still lives with us and while he does not always get a long with his papaw, they have somehow rebonded over your book! Each morning for three mornings Marcus has rattled off riddles from your audiobook. Highly entertaining for both guys as they try to out do one another but in a fun and engaging manner. Their belly laughs, and “boy” rivalary is hilarious at times. Other times … like before my coffee … “

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What does a woman set first in her garden?What does a woman set first in her garden?

What makes a wind-up alarm clock a nearly unstoppable object?What makes a wind-up alarm clock a nearly unstoppable object?

Why is the Panama Canal like the first "u" in cucumber?  (Because it's between two seas.)Why is the Panama Canal like the first "u" in cucumber?  (Because it's between two seas.)

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