RainbowBox Carbon Fiber 2×2 Pyraminx Magic Cube 2×2×2 Pyramid Speed Cube Triangle Twisty Speed Cube Puzzle Toys Brain Teaser for Kids and Adults

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Product Size:About 9.5cm×9.5cm×9.5cm;
Cube Weight: About 100g;
Shipping Weight: about 150g;
General Material: ABS Plastic;
Color: Black ;
Packing: Original Box;
Package Include:1 x Carbon Fiber Pyraminx Magic Cube;
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★★This is our new 2×2 speed cube – Carbon Fiber 2×2 Pyraminx Magic Cube. Awesome Looking, Excellent Feel, Carbon Fiber sticker, Novel Structural Design, will bring you different gaming experiences
★★Our 2×2 Pyramid Magic Cube, the structural design is different from the ordinary magic cube. You can only rotate every corner when you are restoring this cube, and the small triangle in the middle will change as you turn
★★With a lot of practice, you can solve it in 15 seconds, just have a try and challenge yourself, we believe you have this potential, yes, you can make it
★★Perfect for reducing stress, exercising your brain, improving memory and practicing hands-on dexterity skills
★★Ultimate gift for kids,friends,family members and professionals. Provides hours of enjoyable game play $79.95 $79.95


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