R.Y.TOYS Fidget Toy,Magic Cube Puzzle,Brain Teasers for Adults,Cylinder Rotate&Slide Logic Restless Hand Game,Trick Puzzle,Gift for Kids Child(8Colorsx4/4/8Layers)

41yn0bgc+qL. AC51uJaDrlySL. AC51FaS80 ZwL. AC51G5TnFKVVL. AC517isC9WUgL. AC51q2tQ33sBL. AC51NmnR4fu1L. AC51T2sfN7dYL. AC buynow3 This colorful and multi-functional ROTATE & SLIDE PUZZLE helps develop concentration,fundamental mathematics and creativity.

It is a rotating and sliding puzzle that uses an empty space created by a missing piece for strategic movements.As the user learns to use the empty space, the puzzle evolves from a logic mathematical game into an interactive design.It can solve suggested puzzle patterns and create your own colorful designs.

     Usage Scenarios and Usage Crowds

This product is suitable for many occasions, such as waiting for someone, waiting at the airport, traveling by car, taking children to eat in the restaurant, resting during work, resting during study, boring at home, attending parties,exercising brain,exercising fingers, and so on.
It is small and convenient to carry, you can play it anytime and anywhere.
Not only suitable for children,but also for teenagers, adults and the elderly.
【 Uses 】Not only a logic toy,but also a rotating slide puzzle.It is a combination of magic cube and puzzle,its puzzle pieces can be rotated from left and right around the axis as well as be slided up and down.Entertaining at home,relieve stress, cultivate patience,exercising brain, exercising fingers,play on the journey,or giving it to children or the elderly as a gift.
【How to play】By rotating and sliding the puzzle pieces, you can create different patterns, or you can restore the puzzle pieces that are out of order to the original state layer by layer.
【Reminder】You can hold our product at a slight tilt in your hand, and then easily slide or rotate the puzzle piece with a single finger. Because each puzzle piece can be slided up and down very smoothly as well as rotated left and right.Since the movement between the puzzle pieces is very smooth, after touching the product, the collision between the puzzle pieces will produce a crisp and pleasant sound, which can make people more determined to challenge difficulties.
【Style】One is ‘8 Colors x (4Layers+8Layers)’ and the other is ‘8 Colors x 4 Layers’ .
【Non-toxic,high-quality,safety】All products have a variety of international toy quality and safety certifications. Come on,start the challenge!Choose it,don’t hesitate. $24.98 $24.98 - $21.98


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