Qiandier Bamboo 3D Puzzle Metal Brain Teasers Puzzles Mind Game Toys Set for Teens and Adults Pack of 12pcs

51DqQlO0QNL. AC41ziKJRhh+L. AC411JSM JWNL. AC41t zSMKraL. AC buynow3 The intellectual toy is an ancient and traditional intellectual game in China. It has a long history and is enduring. It has very complicated mathematical principles and physical principles. It is difficult to fight back even if it is opened in a short time. The small shape has greatly tested people. IQ. Designed to test your brain, patience and coordination. Conducive to creative thinking, improve your IQ and emotional intelligence, especially those who like to be challenged. Recommended for use over 6 years of age.
Ideal for party games, family games, office toys, relaxation and killing time, decompression toys.
The Kongming lock is made of bamboo and the metal lock is made of thick and durable stainless steel.
Products can train your creative thinking, exercise hands-on ability, and develop problem-solving skills.
The perfect size makes it easy to operate with small hands and big hands, and you can practice concentration.
Brain Teaser 12 Sets : 4 Wooden 3D Puzzles + 8 Iron Metal Puzzles,Includes prompt instructions.Recommended for use over 6 years of age. $12.99 $12.99


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