Puzzle Box Enigma Sudocube – Money and Gift Holder in a Wooden Trick Lock with Hidden Compartment Piggy Bank Brain Teaser Game

51HYGdhqSOL. AC41t hNkbXUL. AC41OzblV5WNL. AC511JSon7F9L. AC51NcJTQ4azL. AC41LTW9SoUyL. AC51QX88QcFZL. AC41nCYFw87wL. AC51iEEDpLKqL. AC buynow3
Enigma Sudocubee Puzzle Box
Give cash, small jewelry like ring or a watch in a unique way.
Great gift for graduation, and any holiday or special occasion.
Slide your coins and bills through this clever box, then solve the challenging solution to opening it.
Made of pine wood, finished in colors Sudocube like design.
Measures 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″. Solution included. $11.95 $11.95


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