PointGames Speed Cube Set 4 Pack, 2×2 3×3 4×4 5×5 Beginner to Master, Smooth Turning, Magic 3D Puzzle Cube Game, Development Stimulating Toys, Brain Teaser Puzzles, Bundle Set

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The four-pack cube puzzle set is a classic combination puzzle. Start the speed cube game with your family or friends now or play alone! It is both fun and challenging. These games also make great fidget accessories for ADD/ADHD or anyone who enjoys fidget toys.

Developmental Toy:

Speed Cube is known to be a challenging yet enticing teaser games puzzle for people of all ages to play with. It’s never too late to try and master this great game. The game has proved to be more beneficial than anticipated, as it helps with problem-solving skills, finger dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Sharpens the mind and greatly enhances speed and reflex skills. Dealing with the frustrations and struggles of fully solving the cube improves one’s patience. Learning the way refines memory, concentration, focus, and special thinking.

Start off with the smaller cube and advance up the pro’s path by mastering each cube at your own pace. And for each individual cube you can start off by completing one side, then two, and so on. Progress to the full cube with patience and motivation!

Endless Fun:

Broaden your collection of teaser games, puzzles, and mind challenges with this classic cube color-solving puzzle. Time will pass fast as you or your little one starts and try to solve the puzzle at first. It can then process to a speed game as you try and complete the cube as fast as possible. If you feel you have already mastered one cube, or if you would just like a change of pace, you can move on to a different difficulty cube. The options are endless with this bundle set and are guaranteed hours of entertaining and stimulating play.

What You Get:

1 x 2 by 2 Speed Cube 
1 x 3 by 3 Speed Cube 
1 x 4 by 4 Speed Cube 
1 x 5 by 5 Speed Cube
ALL AGES ALL STAGES: This speed cube bundle set comes with 2×2 speed cube to 5×5 speed cube, giving 4 different forms of challenging fun. Advance from student to master easily!
MENTALLY STIMULATING: Our Speed cubes make for a great colors teaser games to keep your mind sharp and engaged. Whether it is with the speed cube 2×2 or the advanced 5×5. For a twist to the standard puzzle challenge try the Point Games Speed Cube!
SMOOTH PLAY: Improved and polished structures allow for quick turns, easy twists and smooth cornering. Curved edges are implemented for any non-corner pieces, creating a frustration free puzzle. The road to pro had never been so trouble free.
EDUCATIONAL TOYS: The Speed cubes are developmentally stimulant and active games to play. It helps with improving concentration, memory, patience, reflexes, spatial thinking, bettering eye-hand coordination and boosting children’s self-confidence.
ULTIMATE GIFT: Nobody falls out of love with the speed cube. Ultimate Christmas and Birthday gift for anyone this speed cube bundle is great for beginners and professionals alike. Perfect for reducing stress, exercising your brain and improving memory. $22.99 $22.99


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