Money Maze Gift Card Holder and Cash Gift Holder – Money Puzzle Gift Boxes as a Fun Way to Gifting Small Size Gifts – Cash Puzzle Box for Money Gift – Cash Gift Card Puzzle Box For Adults And Teens

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puzzle gift card holder money maze puzzle box for adults puzzle boxes for gift cards or money
A FUN WAY TO GIVE GIFTS. Snazz up a gift card or any small items meant to be a gift, prize, or surprise. Our money maze gift card holder makes gift-giving fun. Gift recipients will enjoy solving the cash puzzle box for money gift to get what they want. They need to move the marble through the maze to unlock the reward or incentive inside. This cash gift holder is a clever way to give a money gift to family, friends, and colleagues.
CHALLENGING BUT ENTERTAINING AND STIMULATING. This money puzzle box for money is an added accessory for a gift that will make it more challenging yet entertaining for the recipient. These money puzzle gift boxes are like a scavenger hunt to retrieve the gift item. It’s a fun challenge that is tricky enough to make it exciting but not too hard for kids to get the surprise gift. The puzzle money holder for cash gift helps kids to be motivated and develop their spatial awareness while solving it.
WORTH IT TO BUILD UP EXCITEMENT. This funny puzzle gift card holder is an exciting gift challenge suitable for kids little hands and their ability to explore puzzles. Our money maze puzzle box for adults measures approx 2.8 x 5 x 4 inches. Prepare the best surprise and let the recipient solve the maze to know what it is. You can write the surprise gift or amount of money gift on a piece of paper, and the recipient will receive it once the puzzle boxes for gift cards or money are solved.
SOLVING THE MAZE BEFORE RECEIVING A GIFT ITEM. With a gift card maze puzzle box, family members can explore a fun little game where each will take turns giving small gift items or special notes. This cash gift card puzzle box for adults and teens will also make giving money or allowance or incentive a lot more fun. Everyone can enjoy and have memorable bonding moments that stimulate imagination and senses for kids. This money holder puzzle gift box is play-ready with no batteries needed.
APPLICABLE TO MANY GIFT IDEAS FOR ANY OCCASION. Our gift card money box puzzle can fit standard gift cards, cash, checks. A gift card holder puzzle is suitable for both men and women and applicable to any occasion such as Christmas gifts, Birthday surprises, graduation gifts. The gift receiver will solve the maze to unlock the gift or surprise item. These money puzzles for adults are also a great addition to holiday stocking fillers, party favors, goodie bags, and bag stuffers. $10.97 $10.97


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