MOBI ZOOMI Hexagon Maze – STEM Educational Puzzle Game and Toy for Kids and Adults, Brain and Fidget Activities with Balls, Boys or Girls of All Ages 4+ Years Old

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✅ ARE YOU READY TO ZOOMI? 1. Place the ball at the Zoomi “start.” 2. Twist, turn, and tumble through the 5 mazes. 3. Finish the maze at the Zoomi “STOP.” Zoomi Master!
✅ EASY TO PICK UP, HARD TO PUT DOWN: This new, unique puzzle game’s perfect for all ages — preschool age, toddler, 4 year and up! As it is a handheld game, it is great for on the go amusements! Take it on a road trip, make it part of your traveling essentials, for a convenient challenge.
✅ STEM TOYS: Avoid the screen time and sensory overload and get engaged and test essential skills such as focus, dexterity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Fun for family, friend, adult, boy and girl alike! Kids games that encourage education in a desirable way!
✅ ABOUT THE COMPANY: Mobi Games Inc. creates fast, fun, brain games! Zoomi is no exception. If you like Zoomi, be sure to check out Mobi and Ultimo! Just like Zoomi, our games are meant to challenge you and expand your way of thinking all while having a good time.
✅ Made from 100% food grade silicone and plastic, this brain teaser puzzles is good quality and ready to take along for a quick hit of fun and learning! It makes for a unique gift! $26.99 $26.99


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