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The Lunch Notes From Me! book series was made especially for parents wanting to reach out to their kids at lunchtime. It’s an easy way to let them know they are loved and thought about even when they are at school. These lunchbox notes teach kids interesting facts about our world and make them laugh, too! Filled with fun facts, brainy riddles, laugh-out-loud jokes, and loving messages, they will put a smile on your kid’s face every day. Add a note to their school lunchbox, backpack, overnight bag, use at family mealtime, put on their pillow and more—perfect anytime and anyplace!

Lunchbox notes for kidsLunchbox notes for kids

Lunch Notes From Me!

Fun facts, brainy riddles and funny jokes for kids!

Mom putting lunchbox notesMom putting lunchbox notes

Girl reading Lunch Notes From Me! Riddles and Giggles 2Girl reading Lunch Notes From Me! Riddles and Giggles 2 Super Fun & Super Silly

Make your kids happier every day of the week with cute, positive, and fun Notes from Me! The easiest way to connect and engage your kids.

Add to kids’ lunchboxes. Use at mealtime. For holiday gatherings. Great for picnics. Put in camp letters. For fun on vacation. Enjoy at the beach. Use anytime, any place.

Notes From Me!

Make your kid’s ordinary lunch EXTRAORDINARY!

101 fun, clever, and playful 4″ x 4″ tear-off lunch box notes that teach your kids fun facts about our world and make them laugh, too! The perfect lunchbox notes that are a conversation starter & ice breaker.

ENJOYABLE: Reading is a good habit and it’s fun, too—especially when shared with friends! FUNNY: Comical, clean, amusing, silly, ludicrous, playful, knee-slapper jokes for kids! BUILDS CONNECTION: The perfect surprise for your kids to make them feel loved and happy. USE ANYWHERE: Perfect for school lunch boxes, holiday gatherings, and playdates. CREATES FAMILY FUN: Great at the dinner table, in car rides, on vacation—-anytime and anyplace! THE IDEAL GIFT: Easy to give but more fun to receive! Perfect for kids, families, and teachers!

Girls looking for Lunch Notes From Me!Girls looking for Lunch Notes From Me!

Boy reading Lunch Notes From Me!Boy reading Lunch Notes From Me!

Family enjoying Lunchbox Notes From Me!Family enjoying Lunchbox Notes From Me!

Love Notes From Me!Love Notes From Me!

Adorable lunchbox notes your children will look forward to, and so will their friends. Put a smile on their face every day!

Turn lunchtime into a real treat for your kids with Lunch Notes From Me —perfect for busy parents and hectic mornings! Makes happier kids!

Bring laughter, learning, & real connection to family mealtime with Notes From Me!

Express sincere emotions & create lasting feelings. Put encouraging Love Notes in your kid’s lunchbox, backpack, on a mirror, and more!

Sharona SaltmanSharona Saltman

Sharona Saltzman, Author/Creator

The idea that sparked the creation of Lunch Notes From Me! was my daughter Shayna. I wanted to make sure she knew I was thinking about her even when she was at school. So, I created little daily notes that would go into her school lunchbox that would teach her something and make her laugh, too! After a while, Shayna and her friends began looking forward to these little notes each day. Some days, they wouldn’t even wait until lunchtime to find out what the note of the day was. I then teamed up with another mom, graphics designer Hadas Propper, and together we created a complete line of tear-off lunch box notes filled with unique facts, jokes, riddles, inspirational messages and fun questions. We are sure you and your kids will have as much fun as we do!

Best Wishes, Sharona Saltzman

All MyWish4U NotesAll MyWish4U Notes

FUN: No batteries required! Good old-fashioned fun. 101 colorful lunch notes for kids with clever riddles and funny jokes to make lunchtime or anytime happier!
EDUCATIONAL: Riddles help kids think differently and critically.
THOUGHTFUL: MyWish4U Lunch Notes for kids will brighten up your kid’s day and will let them know you are thinking about them even when they’re at school!
INEXPENSIVE: Perfect for busy parents and bored kids! Just $4.99 to add a smile and make your kid’s day happy every day.
EASY TO USE: Tear off one 4” x 4” Lunch Note & put it in your kid’s lunchbox, bento box or backpack, even if they’re at home—it’s a welcome surprise. Great for play dates, school breaks, camp, and family meals!
PERFECT FOR: School lunch box notes, and summer camp notes.
SUGGESTED AGE RANGE: 8 and up $7.99 $7.99 - $5.99


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