Logic Puzzle Slide Games Brain Toy, 1000+ Levelled Up Challenges Brain Teaser Puzzles, Interactive Fidget Handheld Game Console, Electronic Education Travel STEM Preschool Toys Suitable for All Ages

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【IMPROVE LOGIC ABILITY】: Logic Puzzle Toy Brain Games is a logical puzzle console game based on numerical statistics and competitive standards. More than 1000 + level logical puzzle games challenge can improve logical thinking and planning ability. Fantastic magnetic travel games!
【COMPETITON AND INTERACTION】: Brain teaser puzzles allow to enjoy the fun of challenging success and continuously improve their learning ability. You are exercising your mind without feeling mentally exhausting. You can play PK for a limited time with your friends and enjoy interactive learning competitions.
【LEARNING MODE】: Handheld puzzles console is always a level that will confuse you. It could guide you with the solution, and let you beat it again after that. You don’t get frustrated trying to solve brain teaser puzzles for adults! You can find logical answers through the learning mode and let you develop logical ability.
【CONVENIENT STORAGE】: Don’t worry magnetic sliding tiles from falling! We designed a space for storing tiles, and he was on the back drawer of the logical puzzle. The small size (7.56 x 4.53 x 0.94in) is convenient to carry, don’t worry about the tiles scattered in the bag.
【Excellent STEM gifts】: This is a great learning gift. Maths concept and retro handheld Game Boy Design can get them off of the electronics for a while. Great product to pass the time! $35.99 $35.99 - $29.99


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