KINGOU Wooden Ball Lock Logic Puzzle Burr Puzzles Brain Teaser Intellectual Removing Assembling Toy

517Hq4MiwiL. AC41IQSbp9jkL. AC41BrymTkSfL. AC buynow3 1. Burr Puzzles have been found in Europe and Asia since the 18th century, It embodies the wisdom of the ancients, Burr Puzzles can take on many shapes, from the traditional burr seed shape, to balls, stars, and more.

2. This Burr Puzzle is specially designed to disassemble and reassemble, wooden Puzzles are classic and popular Puzzle Game toys, can train and develop your logic & improve your IQ, suitable for both young and old.

3. The wooden puzzles may look simple, but they contains lots of mysteries, they are usually easy to disassemble but difficult to assemble, each wooden Puzzle is special and unique, a lot of fun to play with.

4. Playing with wooden Puzzles can not only exercise brain, develop intelligence, improve problem-solving ability, but also relieve pressure, relax mood and gain pleasure, you and family will have quite a lot of fun through this interlocking brain toy.
Material: Bamboo. Size: 2.95 x 2.95 x 2.95 inch.
Children should be used under adult supervision, water-based paint, touch smooth.
Degree of difficulty in our store: ★★★★☆
To make it challenging and fun, parcel without paper instructions, if you need solutions, please contact us.
30 Days satisfaction guarantee:If you received items do not meet the satisfaction, you can return. For more information, please contact us. ※ Guarantee fit for only if the products are intact and unuse. $8.99 $8.99


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