Jigsaw 6000 Pieces Impossible Puzzle Colorful Arrangement Game Two Dragons Battle Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzle Game Brain Teaser

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Number of blocks: 6000 blocks
Difficulty level: Difficult
Recommended age: Over 12 years old
Size: 105x218x0.2cm
Advantages: It can stimulate children’s thinking and thinking ability. Improve hand-eye coordination; can help the elderly overcome loneliness and exercise brain memory;
If there are missing or damaged parts, please don’t worry, please contact us via Amazon immediately

Contains a 6000 piece puzzle
Quality:Be made of high quality material, non-toxic. Recommend for adult age of 10 and up.Intellectual space jigsaw puzzle.No matter how large or small our puzzles, each is precision made so that every piece fits perfectly.
Best gift ideas: It is the best gift for spending time during pregnancy, holiday lovers (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day), team building, birthdays, other parties, families, parents and children.
Puzzle Solution Guide:Is it too difficult to complete the puzzle? Don’t worry, please see the solution guide below. The back has been marked as “A” and “B”, a total of eight zones. Complete part A first, which can reduce the difficulty of the puzzle. If you need any help completing the puzzle please contact us.
Pay attention to customer service and product quality:You will receive our carefully designed puzzles. If there are missing or damaged parts, please do not worry, please contact us immediately via Amazon. We will provide you with a 90-day quality guarantee. High quality service to solve all your problems. $254.88 $254.88


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