Ingooood- Jigsaw Puzzle- Collector Series – Crazy Candy – 1000 Pieces for Adult Wooden Toys Graduation Valentine’s Day Gift

612XoUN+yXL. AC61sebrC+TtL. AC41bK lDshjL. AC61Jum YFS6L. AC61oCXrYbZEL. AC618bm+hkKLL. AC61R5AwXy7OL. AC buynow3 InGooooD Jigsaw Puzzle
COLLECTOR SERIES- Series of various collection. InGooooD jigsaw puzzle No. IG-0038
IMMERSED AND RELEASED- Enjoy your time of wholeheartedly concentrate on puzzle solving. Have fun and relax. Mainly for grown-up adult. Also for family toys and games.
EASY TO ENJOY- This is Entry Level with letters tips on the back of every piece for easy solving.
DIFFICULT LEVEL- 1000 pieces wooden jigsaw puzzle, Entry level large pieces with area marks on the back. Finished size 50*75cm (19.68*29.52 inches). The package is gift box included 30cm x 20cm x 5cm (11.81*7.87*1.97 inches).
FREE GUARANTEE- Every Puzzle is proudly manufactured from premium quality materials. $29.99 $29.99 - $23.99


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