How to Enjoy a Holiday Break

The holidays are a wonderful occasion for family reunions where customs and memories are shared. It’s when we take our time, unwind, and talk without concern for time constraints or to-do lists. However, taking time to enjoy a holiday break can be difficult for some people, especially for frazzled parents trying to stay present for their remote  job,  fight off  COVID-19 and the  Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV),  while keeping their child’s learning on track. If this sounds like you – you are not alone.  If the family routine is stressed, chaotic and overwhelmed it is going to play out during the holiday break too. 

This holiday season, keeping things simple is key. Today, I want to share with you some of my beloved (and affordable!) customs, as well as some stress-relieving suggestions that can help you care for yourself, so you can care for others around you. 

Our Tablecloth Tradition

It’s incredible how something as simple as a tablecloth can become a powerful piece of family heritage. Twenty-three  years ago, my family started one of our most beloved traditions with only a sharpie and a white tablecloth. That first year, everyone at my Thanksgiving table signed the tablecloth with the sharpie. 

Over the last two decades, each Thanksgiving is an opportunity to add names to the tablecloth and reflect on who has joined us in the past. We love looking over the tablecloth to remember the wonderful friends and family members who have helped make our holidays so special. When family members pass away, it is even more meaningful to have their signatures to help us remember them. 

It’s not too late to pick up a tablecloth and start this simple, meaningful tradition with your own family.

At-home Spa Days

The holidays can become hectic and we can all use some relaxation (busy moms in particular!). What better time to create an at-home spa? Unlike pricey trips to day spas, our DIY version uses ingredients you probably already have around the house.

This is a great way to cut the stress of a busy year. We make facials using natural ingredients like honey, lemon, and oatmeal. We even make our own sugar scrubs using coarse sugar and olive oil, and we never forget the cucumber slice eye treatment. 

Spa days can be even more fun at home because we get to share the experience of making our own products! 

Planning for the New Year

Thanksgiving presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and look ahead. In my home, this means we share stories and begin looking towards our goals for the new year. 

Personally, I start the search for a 2023 calendar or journal. Some of us are organized bullet journal people, while others prefer blank pages with an inspirational quote on the cover. Whatever the personalities of your family, there’s a product for everyone. 

We’ve made a tradition of setting goals or talking about what we’re looking forward to in the upcoming year. For working parents on the go, a chance to sit down and plan out the next few months can be a huge relief. And sharing it with your family helps everyone to stay accountable!

Remember to Fill Your Cup

This year has been long and difficult, and more challenges lie ahead. Above all, I want to encourage you to enjoy this cherished time with loved ones without complication. Fancy, intricate plans aren’t always needed. Instead, make time to care for your own well-being and start simple traditions that can build throughout the years.

Happy holiday break!

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