HOME-X “Satellite in Cage” Metal Puzzle, Metal Spiked Ball in Wood Chamber, Brain Teaser for Adults and Kids, Disentanglement Puzzle Toy- 2.75″ L x 1.75″ D

41pNuTZTFoL. AC51I3qKTLSKL. AC414JgD2t7VL. AC41b5wN70BvL. AC41+uXLH4vZL. AC41L00O3BupL. AC51kQb3En1VL. AC buynow3 Will you accept the challenge? Our puzzle is waiting to be solved. The toy features a tangled wire cage around a spiky gold ball.  The goal is to remove the spiked ball from the cage. Sounds easy enough, right? Our metal brain teaser toys are great for both adults and kids. The game engages the brain to help boost your concentration, focus, creativity, and problem solving. While the puzzle is meant to be challenging, it’s not impossible. And if you aren’t able to figure it out, we can give you a hint. Your order will come with instructions, so you can figure out exactly how to conquer this trick. These instructions also feature illustrations, so you can’t go wrong. Order a brain teaser to keep at your office to help give you a creative boost during a long day. Gift one of these metal games to a friend or family member who is prone to fidgeting. These metal brain teasers make great stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts. The durable frame and gold ball will last for years to come, so all your kids or grandkids can enjoy the challenge of this puzzle. Plus, the metal frame and ball can be easily washed if the game gets dirty, making this brain teaser perfect for classrooms. You can also use the game as a prize for educational performance or to reward good behavior. The compact size makes it easy to take with you on the go, so your kids can have something quiet to play with wherever they go. But the puzzle isn’t just for your kids — you’ll enjoy figuring it out too!
CHALLENGING BRAIN TWISTER: Metal brain twisters are a great challenge for the mind and are perfect for adults or kids with constantly fidgeting hands. This game features a ball with spikes inside a round cage. The goal is to successfully remove the spiky ball from the wire frame. Sounds easy, right? See how fast you or a friend can unhook the tricky pieces.
FUN FOR ALL AGES: This metal brain teaser is great for both adults and kids. Use this small toy to engage the mind, improve concentration, and boost problem solving — no matter your age or educational level. Individuals both young and old will be entertained for hours as they try to untangle the pieces of this brain teaser.
TEST YOUR IQ: The metal atom might seem difficult to remove from the cage at first, but it’s not impossible! Test your concentration, logic, focus, out-of-the-box thinking, and dexterity. Use this handheld puzzle as a break during a hard day at the office. If you can’t unlock the puzzle, don’t worry. We provide instructions with illustrations to help you succeed.
DURABLE DESIGN: We know that well-loved games get a lot of use. That’s why we’ve designed this metal puzzle brain teaser with a strong frame. You can take it on the go without worrying about damaging it or losing pieces. Get this trick toy for someone who fidgets with their hands or has difficulty sitting still.
GREAT PARTY FAVORS: The mind puzzle makes a great party favor for birthday parties of any theme. These teasers can be appreciated by children as well as parents of any age. Add a puzzle to the classroom or offer a few as prizes for educational achievement. These metal puzzles are also great stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for puzzlers. $13.25 $13.25


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