Harry Potter Tom Riddle’s Notebook & Voldemort’s Wand Pen Set | Harry Potter Writing Collection | 192 Blank Pages

51mDk7gwXeL. AC41PbjlB9SNL. AC31Bfpikr7QL. AC51qODz7RkkL. AC41K74dZjMDL. AC51inURvX1XL. AC buynow3 HORCRUX FREE GUARANTEETampering with items that are associated with ‘he who must not be named’ is considered taboo. This journal and wand resemble that which belong to the Dark Lord himself. Writers and Harry Potter fans everywhere will love this notebook and wand pen as it is reminiscent of the tokens of death used by Lord Voldemort. Wield the included wand pen to create some amazing magical tales inside of Tom Riddle’s diary! Just be careful not to cast any “Avada Kedavra” curses. The included diary pages will not cause your ink to disappear. Luckily for all of us, no horcurxes were cast on these items. Write confidently in your brand new magical journal!  ACCIO THIS NOTEBOOK & WAND PENThis unique Harry Potter notebook set is an officially licensed bit of Harry Potter merchandise! Enjoy hours of writing down your personal thoughts or taking notes with this beautifully designed journal. Potterheads all over the world will love this notebook for their personal collections as it represents some of the most unique and genuine bits of the riveting Harry Potter tale. Grab yours or get one as a gift today!
HARRY POTTER WAND PEN & NOTEBOOK SET: Straight from the wizarding world of Harry Potter is this Tom Riddle Diary and Voldemort wand pen. Enjoy a new perspective of writing as you use the very tools that Lord Voldemort does.
WIELD VOLDEMORT’S WAND: Fashioned into a useful ballpoint pen, Voldemort’s wand can now be yours to cast your own magical thoughts onto your new journal. Use this wand wisely and avoid casting any curses!
INCLUDES 192 BLANK PAGES: Featuring blank pages that are reminiscent of Tom Riddle’s diary in the Harry Potter films, this journal is packed with 192 pages for you to express your own creativity on!
CREATE YOUR OWN MAGICAL TALE: Measuring 8.5 by 6 inches, this pen and book set is the perfect companion to any budding witch or wizard. Take school notes, write about your day, or use it as a creative note pad!
OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER MERCHANDISE: Perfect for Harry Potter fans everywhere, this wand pen and journal are practically straight from the Dark Lord himself! These Harry Potter collectibles are officially licensed and ready to be yours! $25.99 $25.99


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