GoodDay Puzzles 48 Large Piece Jigsaw ‘Beach Day’ | Dementia/Alzheimer’s Activities for Seniors | Easy Puzzle for Adults | Gifts for The Elderly

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puzzles stacked on top of each other
OPPORTUNITY FOR CONNECTION ~ A GoodDay Puzzle provides the perfect setting to connect with your loved ones. Work together, and share the satisfying achievement that comes from solving a GoodDay Puzzle.
ENJOY INDEPENDENCE ~ With a full day ahead, your loved one may choose to take on the solo challenge. Good things take time, and working alone can be extremely rewarding.
MATURE & THOUGHTFUL DESIGN ~ Created with seniors in mind, GoodDay Puzzles are never childish. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that this product makes no mention of dementia.
STIMULATING IMAGE ~ The beautiful ‘Beach Day’ painting makes each solve as fun as the last. With vibrant, high-contrast colors, ‘Beach Day’ can be enjoyed day after day, even by the visually impaired. Some studies suggest that repetition benefits cognition!
SOLVE ANYWHERE ~ The Build-in-Box design acts as a puzzle tray, allowing the user to assemble the jigsaw directly in the box. This enables the user to solve in a bed, and it makes cleanup a breeze. $21.95 $21.95


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