GISHIA DIY 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Toys Paper and EPS Foam Board for Kids and Adults Fun and Creative DIY Toy Model Building kit for Kids Toys for Girls and Boys. House Series Puzzle (Small Supermarket)

613inoSfy2L. AC41VizVo6hQL. AC51lwKd9ZSpL. AC41q4eRC0CrL. AC41LQWDXRo8L. AC61dE64duCAL. AC51l nZqcXQL. AC61FJivfvqRL. AC61MPJTo9RgL. AC buynow3 Increase observation, cultivate patience and concentration Puzzle-type educational toys require children to see and build by themselves. When children enter the world of jigsaw puzzles, from the small sense of accomplishment after completing the puzzle to the great sense of accomplishment after overcoming difficulties and completing the larger puzzle, the child not only Gain self-affirmation and learn to train children’s concentration and stability through continuous observation and analysis (how to spell it) when faced with difficulties (a bunch of messy puzzle pieces), continuous, focused, and patient input.
paper + white card
1.The best gift: Preschool puzzles can exercise children’s observation skills, cultivate patience, concentration, thinking ability, etc. Every child should have a set of puzzle toys.
2. Jigsaw puzzles cultivate thinking and logical ability Jigsaw puzzle toys can learn to use the brain, observe and try, and find the correct spelling method through pieces of picture information. The brain needs to be running all the time, and the patterns can be completed through repeated combinations to improve memory ability, judgment ability and thinking ability, and promote brain thinking. development. promote intellectual development
3. Jigsaw puzzles cultivate self-confidence for success When all the jigsaw puzzles are completed, there will be an infinite sense of satisfaction in their hearts, which will stimulate their self-confidence. Fourth, the patience and concentration ability cultivated by jigsaw puzzles.
4.Easy Puzzle Help: The puzzle cover has colored legends for reference and detailed puzzle steps behind. The preschool puzzle pack has different sized pieces that are easy to grip and develop your child’s grasping ability.
5. High degree of safety: For young children, the material of paper + EPS has the advantages of not being easily smashed or cut, and the paper pulp is hygienic and safe. $6.99 $6.99


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