Fun Puzzle Ball Games, Set of 12, Brain Teaser Puzzle Toys, Great for Party Favors, Goodie Bags and as a Stocking Stuffer – for Kids 3 and Up by Forest & Twelfth Kids

51wQHEL470L. AC410DM5dAJpL. AC410bJfsYU7L. AC51uqvosIYtL. AC41i0vtSKwYL. AC31Km of3GiL. AC buynow3 Forest & Twelfth Kids 12 Piece Fun Puzzle Ball Set – Helping your child grow and develop towards a brighter tomorrow. Are you a new mother looking for ways to help stimulate your child’s mental development in a fun and interactive way?
Is your child showing signs of ADD/ADHD or autism, leaving you looking for a way to help them improve their focus and attention span?
Then we’ve got the perfect toy set for you!
Presenting ★Forest & Twelfth Kids Fun Brain Teaser Puzzle Set★It can be hard as a parent to choose the right toys for your young child. That’s why we at Forest & Twelfth Kids have crafted this 12-piece puzzle set to help you provide your children with a way to play, but also develop their mental skills, focus, and creativity at a steady pace.
Our variety of plastic ball, star and gear puzzles provides both challenging and rewarding mental exercises for your child’s sharp young mind. Your children are sure to get focused when trying to solve these plastic brain teasers. You’ll be able to watch as your child’s attention, focus, and mental capabilities slowly grow with each and every play session.
Looking for more reasons to choose us? ✔   Made with high-quality and durable plastic.
✔   Perfect for children’s mental development.
✔   Ideal for children ages 3 and up.
✔   Makes a great gift or party favor to hand out to your child’s friends.

Ready to help your child grow and develop in a fun and interactive way? Click the “Add to Cart” button and get them their own set of Forest & Twelfth Kids Puzzle Balls, today!
EXPAND YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT – This 12-piece set of brain teaser puzzles is great to help your child expand their mental development. With each play session they’ll develop their cognitive thinking skill and mental focus.
HELP THEM SHOW THEIR CREATIVE SIDE – Our brain teaser puzzle set is not only great to help your child improve their mental capabilities, but also expands their creative side as well by encouraging them to build and see solutions from different angles.
IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’S FOCUS – This plastic ball and gear fidget toy set is perfect for children showing signs of ADD/ADHD, OCD, and autism. With just a few minutes of play each day, these toys can help calm them, reduce stress, and increase their focus.
THE PERFECT PARTY FAVOR – Hosting a birthday party for your child? Then our puzzle set is the perfect party favor to stuff your guests gift bags with. Plus, the other moms will appreciate such a thoughtful and developmental gift as well.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – As a brand, Forest & Twelfth is here to give you the best because we know that is what you deserve. We believe in providing good quality, fun and recreational products that will give you maximum satisfaction! All our puzzle games are totally safe and guaranteed to be the best present from you to your kids! $9.99 $9.99


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