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escape welt- puzzle box escape welt- puzzle box

escape welt logoescape welt logo

EscapeWelt is a start-up that knows no boundaries on the way to creating cool puzzles.

Our unique idea, experienced team and modern production allow us to turn dreams into real best-selling products.

Our mission is to get 1 billion people playing!

Because we at Escape World believe in the following quote:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”

G Bernard Shaw

Let’s make the world a better place together!

Puzzle Box Games

escape welt- puzzle box - space boxescape welt- puzzle box - space box

No more boring gifts!

No pain no gain! Let your friends and family guess now.

escape welt- puzzle box - quest pyramideescape welt- puzzle box - quest pyramide

Interactive fun!

Shift the many coordinated mechanisms in the pyramid and let the puzzle adventure begin!

escape welt- puzzle box - house of dragonescape welt- puzzle box - house of dragon

Escape Room 2 go

The Puzzle boxes have various riddles that must be solved step by step to open the box.

ESCAPE ROOM GAME – Solve puzzles one by one, gradually unlocking new ciphers and symbols on the wooden puzzle. Move various mechanisms to get to the secret compartment of the puzzle box. No lucky accidents! Everything is based on logical decisions.
2-in-1: UNIQUE GIFT & WOW GIFT BOX – The wooden box for Easter baskets has a secret compartment measuring 2 х 2 х 2 inches, where you can hide an additional gift: jewelry, money, or just a note with wishes. The possibilities are endless! The best escape room game Present at the Birthday Party!
PUZZLE FUN GUARANTEED – Over 60min. of mind-blowing puzzle fun! The escape room in a box consists of 63 separate parts so that all the mechanical puzzles have their place, which means that the brain puzzle game experience is much more interactive and interesting.
INSTANTLY REASSEMBLES – Unlike one-time solve & forget standard mystery puzzles, our wooden puzzle for adults can be instantly reloaded with a new gift & reassembled to restart the fun – ideal for family game nights! Mystery Puzzles don’t give you a way to exit the Escape Room Game? Don’t worry, find the website with our tips in the brain puzzle instruction.
BRAIN-BOOSTING FUN – The perfect choice for puzzle game lovers & kids, our escape room in a box provides a real mental workout, turbocharging logic & problem-solving skills in a single package! 3D Wooden Brain Puzzles is a great adventure for both young and expert puzzle lovers.
List Price: $64.99

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