ESC WELT Ancient Secrets Set – Escape Room in a Box – Brain Teaser Puzzles for Adults & Kids – Puzzle Box with Hidden Compartment – Halloween Decorations – Cash Money Puzzle Box – Wooden Puzzle Boxes

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Product Description


From Germany with love. A super puzzle box set that evokes fantastic emotions around you. Be the person who gets all the attention with a gift.



The House of Dragon is the Escape Room for your home! Tricky puzzles are waiting for you, which demand logical thinking and creativity. Open the House of Dragon and uncover the secret slumbering inside. By cleverly combining and shifting the various mechanisms, you will always get closer to the solution. The puzzle box can always be returned to its initial state and resolved by others.

The puzzles are demanding and challenging – as a beginner, it’s best to solve them in a team with your friends or family. If you get stuck, simply scan the QR code provided. This will take you to a website full of tips and tricks to help you solve the puzzle. Don’t worry, we won’t make it too easy for you! But even for advanced players, House of Dragon presents a tricky challenge.



Brainteaser Quest Pyramid comes in exquisite packaging, making it a perfect and unique gift for teens and adults. Its stylish features and natural material make it a perfect decorative piece for any desk or home shelf and it is a great addition to the interior of the bedroom or living room.

The sequence puzzle box is suitable for beginners and professionals so that not only absolute puzzle professionals but also beginners can try to solve the Quest Pyramid, there is a QR code with each brain teaser that offers helpful tips that discreetly lead to the solution. But don’t worry – we won’t make it too easy for you! For the more advanced puzzler, we have an even tougher challenge in our store.

💡 Reveal all the mysteries of ancient times – Solve puzzles one by one, gradually unlocking new ciphers and symbols on the wooden puzzle. Suitable for any occasion: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. An ideal Сhristmas decorations puzzle game for adults consists of 2 separate puzzle box games.
💡 House of Dragon – 3D Wooden Brain Puzzle is a great adventure for both young and expert puzzle lovers. ✔️60-80 min. of puzzle fun is guaranteed! ✔️Difficulty level 4/5 ✔️ The hidden compartment is 1,7х2,7х1,9 inches.
💡 Quest Pyramid – Tricky puzzle box that requires logical thinking and creativity is waiting for you. Are you ready to solve the puzzle and enjoy your victory?✔️ 60-90 min. of puzzle fun is guaranteed! ✔️ Difficulty level 4,5/5 ✔️ The hidden compartment is 2x2x2 inches.
💡 High Quality – Wooden Puzzle Boxes come in exquisite packaging, making them a perfect gift or Christmas decor for children and adults. Its stylish features and natural material make it a perfect decorative piece for any desk or home shelf. They can also be used perfectly as Christmas decorations or imaginative and novel gift packaging. Suitable as a unique gift for teenagers and adults.
💡 Instantly Reassembles – Unlike one-time solve & forget standard mystery puzzle boxes, our wooden puzzle boxes with hidden compartments for adults can be instantly reloaded with a new gift & reassembled to restart the fun – ideal as Christmas gifts for family game nights! Mystery Puzzles don’t give you a way to exit the Escape Room Game? Don’t worry, find the website with our tips in the brain teaser puzzle instruction. $112.50 $112.50


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