DOT Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle New 2018 Release Level 2 Difficulty Rating Bonus Red Velveteen Drawstring Pouch Bundled Items

51KskevtGCL. AC61qgtQllpfL. AC5192PWasviL. AC51q9aIKR6HL. AC41YKl3ULCbL. AC buynow3 DOT Cast Metal Puzzle from Hanayama Puzzles of Japan is both a delightful and tricky brain teaser puzzle. It consists of two “tetris-DOT-shaped” interlocking pieces. The object is to separate the black and chrome pieces. The second puzzle is to re-assemble the pieces flat back together. Measures approximately 2.25 inches in length when assembled. This is a really fascinating disentanglement brainteaser considering it only consists of 2 pieces DOT Hanayama Puzzle is a NEW 2018 Release. Recommended for ages 13 to 105 years. NO force is used to solve. Forcing pieces may damage the puzzle !! Bonus Red Velveteen Drawstring storage pouch. Measures approximately 3 x 4 inches laying flat. Rated by the manufacturer as a level 2 difficulty (on a scale of 1 to 6 where 6 is the most challenging.) Difficulty level shown on the packaging. Your own experience could vary substantially. DOT is part of a series of 60 plus very interesting and mentally provocative metal brain teasers from the Hanayama Puzzle Company. Some serious puzzlers refer to these as “disentanglement-style puzzles” as they involve taking something apart and then re-assembling. Re-assembly can also be a puzzle and may be equally as tricky. Reminder. NO FORCE is ever required to solve the puzzle. Just a series of clever moves.
DOT Hanayama is 2 piece, rectangular-shaped, Cast Metal Brain Teaser, Take-Apart Puzzle. Bundled Items. Ages 13 to 105 years.
DOT Hanayama is a newly released 2018 puzzle. Measures approximately 2.25 inches length and 1.25 inches in width.
Object is to separate the 2 “DOT” shaped pieces through a series of clever movements.
Moderately Easy Hanayama Puzzle. Rated as a level 2 difficulty, (on a scale of 1 to 6 where 1 is easier and 6 most difficult). Your experience could differ.
Includes soft Red, velveteen drawstring storage pouch. Pouch measures approximately 4 x 3 inches. Bundled Items $15.99 $15.99


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