Dog Slow Feeder, Dog Puzzle Toy, and Interactive Dog Toy in one, for Small and Medium pet Dog Treat Dispensing Dog Toys (Lake Blue)

41cJ242rjoL. AC41hagpAwC L. AC51GKAJEhebL. AC51bTkS9paEL. AC51C6eA7MVcL. AC buynow3 This product adopts a cute robot shape, which is very beautiful; it integrates feeding, entertainment, and education. This toy is suitable for small to medium dogs. Moderate difficulty, suitable for dogs who have just developed intelligence. It can swing and slide without power, and the dog is rewarded with treats through its own efforts, which fully stimulates its brain development and improves its intelligence level. Keep your dog mentally and physically active while playing.
The toy is designed with a self-balancing system that swings back and forth when the dog’s hand or nose is lightly touched. Compared to the traditional food dispenser toys on the market, which can only swing in place, this toy with two wheels on the bottom can slide back and forth. With this tumbler design, no matter how you swing the toy, it won’t tip over, which will arouse the dog’s retrieval interest.
【Please pay attention when using】
The inside diameter of the leak hole is 0.43 inches. The dog food won’t fall out if you put in a kibble larger than this size. Can pass most snacks on the market.
【Product Specifications】
Length: 5.43 inches
Width: 3.15 inches
Height: 4.37 inches
Used for small and medium dogs, dogs like toys of the right size, large dogs will damage the toy and shorten its service life.
Small dog: Refers to a dog whose adult weight does not exceed 22 pounds and is under 16 inches in height.
Medium Dog: Refers to a dog that weighs 24-66 pounds in adulthood and is 16-24 inches tall.
Large dog: refers to a dog that weighs 66-88 pounds in adulthood and is 24-28 inches tall.
【How do increase the dog’s interest in playing with toys?】
You can shake the toy or push it in front of your dog and let the treats leak out of the toy to get him interested. You can also reward your dog when he tries to touch the toy. Dogs will gradually like this toy.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.43 x 3.15 x 4.37 inches; 9.91 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 4, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ GZYACHEN
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B2GG65Z7

【Healthy Slow Food】An interactive dog toy that dispenses treats to prevent pet obesity. It’s good for your pet’s digestion, especially those that eat too quickly—a great alternative to slow-feeding dog bowls, dog licking pads, and dog snuff pads.
【Interactive Fun】This interactive dog toy can help pets improve their IQ and mental stimulation. Plus, educational toys reduce boredom and destructive behavior, keeping your dog’s body alert for their hunting instincts!
【Mental Stimulate Your Dog】Your furry friend is rewarded by pushing the food distribution dog toy by himself, keeping the dog mentally and physically active while playing.
【Suggestion for use】 The toy is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, both indoors and outdoors. Please do not let your dog use the toy as a pure chew toy as this will damage the toy and shorten its lifespan. $16.90 $16.90


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