Diamond Hanayama Brain Teaser Puzzle, RED Velveteen Drawstring Pouch, Bundled Items, Ages 13 to Adult

41QNQ7uGIEL. AC51qUndDTjVL. AC418Z48552iL. AC512ogIr2BWL. AC41MNUZoy08L. AC416sFefT45L. AC buynow3 Diamond Hanayama is 1 of 65 different cast metal disentanglement puzzles. It is rated as “easy” or level 1 difficulty (on a scale of 1 to 6 where 1 is easy and 6 most difficult.) Your experience may differ. Recommended for ages 13 to 105 years. The two piece puzzle comes apart without any difficulty. The challenge is to put the two identical looking halves back together into the diamond shape. It is tricky, but not too difficult. More fun to watch friends and family struggle with this little teaser once you know the solution. The solution is smooth and fascinating. What makes this puzzle fun is it appears simple to solve. TWO pieces! How difficult can that be ? Well, it will hang-up most people for 5 to 20 minutes. Hanayama Puzzles of Japan manufacture these puzzles. They are distributed in the USA and Europe under the BePuzzled/University brand name. DIAMOND Hanayama Puzzle is a NEW 2017 Design. Measures approximately 1.25 inches square and .50 inches thick. This is a really fascinating disentanglement brainteaser. Reminder. NO FORCE is ever required to solve the puzzle. Just a series of clever moves. Bonus Red Velveteen Drawstring storage pouch. Measures approximately 3 x 4 inches laying flat. Bundled Items.
DIAMOND Hanayama is a small, compact, 2 piece, beautifully designed brain teaser puzzle. Ages 13 to adult.
Wonderfully delightful solution. Comes apart real easy. Reassembly is the challenge.
Great as a starter puzzle in the Hanayama line of brain teasers. Level 1 Difficulty (where level 1 is easier and level 6 most difficult).
Guaranteed to sharpen your skills at taking things apart and putting them back together.
Includes soft Red, velveteen drawstring storage pouch. Measures approximately 4 x 3 inches. Bundled Items. $16.97 $16.97


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