Coogam GAN 356 R S Speed Cube Gans 356R 3×3 Stickerless Gan356 RS 3x3x3 Speedcube GES V3 System

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gan 356 r 3x3 Magnetic rubicks speedcube chirldren kid birthday Christmas gift toy speedcubing
EXCELLENT STABILITY – Gan 356R Cube is a 3×3 regular shape mod with a simple yet elegant design. GES v3 precise elasticity design with the IPG V5 axis make sure high verticality, accuracy, stability. Reducing popping happen and making it more controllable.
UNIQUE & FASHIONABLE – Gan 356 R speed cube have standard size of 2.2×2.2×2.2in. Firm classical circle-square corner feet and triple edge feet brings best performance with toughest angles. Definitely a new experience to improve personal record in competitions.
STRONGER & SAFE – It’s the upgraded version of gan356S. Seamless contact-surface with screw and snap joints make it stronger and unbreakable, no worries of falling apart. Reliable, non-toxic and lightweight, harmless to human and environment.
FUN & DEVELOPMENT – Cubes restoration is an important activity to increase the intelligence of the kids, to release the working pressure of the adults, to help prevent a decline in memory of the elderly. Having fun whether you’re trying to stretch brain capacity or spending leisure time. $17.99 $17.99


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