ButterflyEdufields 100+ Magnetic Puzzles for Kids 3 4 5 Years Old | Mix & Match Fun Shapes & Emoticons 100+ Play Challenges | Creative Birthday Gift for Kids

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ButterflyFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Arts Crafts Toys for Kids 3+ year old | Magnetic Board with 100+ Pattern Book, 23 Magnetic Pieces | Best STEM Toy Gift for toddlers Preschoolers 4 5 6 years
These Colourful shapes are Thick and Comfortable for the Pre School kids to hold. They stick on both sides and can be used for Repeated Play by Construction of different figures & faces of the characters in different moods.
There are 23 geometric Magnetic Shape Pieces given in the set.
The different shapes which are included are:
– 2 Squares,
– 2 Rectangles,
– 5 Trapeziums (of 3 different sizes),
– 1 star,
– 2 Semi Circles,
– 2 Circles,
– 2 Ovals,
– 7 Triangles (of 3 Different sizes – Equilateral, Right angle)

The 8 different shapes in the form of 23 magnetic pieces & board allows you to create 100’s new shapes & emoticons by combining them. You can write to us to get the link to the downloadable sheets for new shapes. The Magnetic Board is of A4 size and the pieces are made using Soft Foam with embedded magnets and colour stickers on both sides.
2in1 DOUBLE SIDED FUN – MIX & MATCH SHAPES & EMOTICONS – Learn shapes on one side & emotions on the other side – There are 23 geometric magnetic pieces are given in the set. The different shapes which are included are: – 2 squares, – 2 rectangles, – 5 trapeziums (of 3 different sizes), – 1 star, – 2 semi-circles, – 2 circles, – 2 ovals, – 7 triangles (of 3 different sizes – equilateral, right angle)
100+ PLAY CHALLENGES TO KEEP KIDS CREATIVELY ENGAGED AT HOME away from screens – Magnetic Puzzles for Kids are made using soft foam with embedded magnets and colourful attractive stickers given with a magnetic board: Helps the kid understand construction mechanisms, improve their soft skills & build self confidence while keeping the entertainment quotient high. It directs the kid’s curiosity to help him learn and explore.
EARLY LEARNING & EDUCATIONAL GAME & TOY FOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT in Colors, Shapes & Emotions: These colourful pieces are light in wight with soft edges and safe for the young ones. Surprise your child with this Unique & Innovative Birthday Gift that they will cherish. Trigger CURIOSITY & Ignite the SPARK of Science and CREATIVITY in your child.
CREATIVE GIFT that SPARKS CURIOSITY & CREATIVITY – Ideal Easter Gift for the child: Keep the Kid away from Screens! Frustrated with your child’s screen time? Effectively engage & challenge your kid with our fun level-based hands-on challenges.
List Price: $19.99

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