Bukefuno GAN 13 Maglev UV 3×3 Magnetic Magic Cube Speed Puzzle GAN13 Maglev UV 3×3 Stickerless Cube Magic GAN13 M UV 3x3x3 Gans Cubes Flagship (UV Coated Glossy)

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Bukefuno GAN 13 Maglev Flagship 3×3 Cube GAN 13 M Maglev Speed Stickerless Magnetic Puzzle Magic 2022 Cubes GAN13 Maglev 3×3 (Frosted Surface Version)



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GAN 13 Maglev INNOVATIVE MagLev Speed Cubing Technology GAN13 Maglev 3×3 Speed Cube
This puzzle is loaded with 88 magnets! 8 core magnets, 56 piece magnets, 12 repulsion magnets, and 12 maglev rings all come together to give you the most amazing 3×3 ever conceived.
GAN13 M Maglev UV Magnetic 3×3 Speed Cube,Bright color six-color configuration, frosted appearance design, effectively reduce the probability of scratches and hands-off
An excellent Christmas/birthday gift, this is definitely the best flagship 3×3 this year. It is definitely not to be missed. Whether you are a novice or a high-end player, you can choose it, the perfect 3×3 cub
List Price: $71.99

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