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Tetris- Head-To-Head Multiplayer Strategy Game Now play Tetris head-to-head against your friends in an all-new tabletop strategy game for up to 4 players designed by Phil Walker-Harding. Each player drops tetrimino pieces into their own Matrix tower each turn. You know what to do. Another piece is up. Rotate. Rotate again. Move it and drop it… Score points by completing horizontal rows and racing to fulfill special challenges on achievement cards for bonus points! Place specific pieces to match the icons on your Matrix towers to earn even more. Who will come out on top?!
Score points by completing lines, fulfilling achievement cards, and matching pieces to icons on your tower.
Addicting head-to-head multiplayer strategy puzzle game that is great for family game night.
Keep an eye on what piece is coming up next to plan out your winning strategy. Rotate, move, and drop tetrimino pieces just like the video game.
Who will make their drops count, rock the blocks, and come out on top?!
List Price: $19.99

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