Brainwright – QBOID – The 1-2-3 Pocket Brain Teaser Fidget Puzzle

31aeU08yfuL. AC41+lsKte63L. AC buynow3 Get your hands on this uniquely-shaped twisty puzzle! Mix up the QBOID™ and then twist, flip, and rotate the parts to match up the colors. A wonderful introduction to the world of twisty puzzles, the QBOID™ is the perfect pocket-sized challenge! Excellent fidget toy to keep your hands and brain challenged!
See ‘Ya Later Bordem! Keep Your Mind Sharp With This Perfect Brainteaser Fidget Puzzle Toy!
Mix It, Twist It, Rotate, Challenge and Solve!
Match The Colors on All Sides and Win!
Perfect Pocket Sized Brain Teaser Fidget Toy!
Recommended For Ages 8 and Up $7.99 $7.99


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