Brain Teaser Puzzles Plastic ​3D Intellectual Removing Assembling Puzzle Plastic Unlock Interlock Magic Ball Brain Teaser Puzzles for Boys and Girls (18 Style)

41qlkrRUpfL. AC31amAzpuuFL. AC buynow3 These Logic Puzzles are specially designed to disassemble and reassemble,using these colorful puzzles can make your brain sharper, develop intelligence, Challenge your mind and patience.18 x Different Brain Teasers Puzzles
There are 18 featured style Plastic Brain Teaser puzzles to test and sharpen your IQ and EQ
Gift these fun and challenging plastic puzzle,precision assemble non-identical pieces into a 3D shape to polish your brain and hand coordination
Using plastic brain teaser puzzles are a healthier way to practice focus for people,These brain games are perfect for passing time and avoiding gadgets and electronics
Plastic brain teaser puzzles look simple, but they contains lots of mysteries, they are usually easy to disassemble but difficult to assemble, each puzzle is special and unique
Portable and comfortable hand feel, very comfortable to hold. You can take them out anytime and anywhere show puzzles with friends.Suitable for gift exchange,birthday, stocking stuffers, party favor, and more $12.99 $12.99


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