BOHS Wooden Sudoku Board Game with Drawer – with Book of 100 Sudoku Puzzles – Brain Teaser Desktop Toys

51QIVeQp9HL. AC417vJFy 2kL. AC41U36U1wHZL. AC41gi2EI9WML. AC41Luye2MAiL. AC buynow3 Since the establishment,BOHS toys are dedicated to design toys that to fuel imagination,encourage kids to learn and grow through play time, build up the natural curiosity that leads to the lifetime learning! From educational and learning toys to outdoor sport toys for every age,BOHS have been committed to making exceptional children's products, with a focus on quality, attention to detail, and dedication to make the children around the world smarter and stronger. Through continued improvement from the voice of our customers, BOHS toys are now serving our customer around the world with constant reliable quality and prompt service.
No More Erasing -No pencil or paper required,Double-sided tiles for trial and error, not have to erase wrong number.
Easy Storage – Designed with a drawer container, easy for storage and carry around
Multiple Players More Fun – Give each other Sudoku puzzle to compete who can solve it first,or use the same Sudoku puzzle and compete who solves it first.
Anxiety Relief – Sudoku is a great way to focus on the task at hand and clear your mind of stress and anxiety.
Improve Concentration – An interruption can break the player’s train of thought and force them to start over,which eventually train the brain to block external distraction.
Develop Problem Solving Skills – The problem-solving skills will be developed unconsciously through the process of trial and error and the logical thinking engaged.
Promote Logical Thinking – Logical skills are the core requirement for playing a Sudoku puzzle. The difficulty level depends on the number of clues given, the more complicated inference pattern will become as you play more challenging puzzle. $27.90 $27.90


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