Bits and Pieces –Original Standard Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Plateau-The Complete Puzzle Storage System

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Product Description

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Bits And Pieces has been designing, manufacturing and presenting premium, jigsaw puzzle accessories for over 20 years. For the avid puzzler or recreational jigsaw enthusiast, Bits And Pieces has many accessories that make the puzzling experience easier and more enjoyable. Create your own designated space for puzzling or transport and store your puzzles in progress with our jigsaw puzzle accessories. Tables, plateaus, puzzle rolls, tabletop spinners, portfolio storage cases and caddies are just a sampling of the many items we offer.

Freestanding Puzzle Tables and Tabletop Plateaus are made of quality woods combined with durable fiberboard. Select a table model with collapsible legs or the tabletop plateau, which can be placed on your own table. Sorting areas or drawers are featured in each style to allow you to put away your puzzle and finish it at another time.

Portfolio Caddies store and transport your puzzles safely. Each has a lined assembly surface, tight closure system and sorting panels to separate your pieces. The caddies are great to build, sort, store and transport your puzzle.

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Puzzle Spinners and Puzzle Easels allow puzzlers to move and position their working surfaces to easily reach puzzle pieces for assembly. The Puzzle Spinners swivel and can be placed on your tabletop. The Easel system is available in both a tabletop and full table model. Both models feature non-slip felt surfaces to keep your pieces secure.

Sorting Trays let you organize your pieces by color, theme or border. Keep them categorized while assembling your puzzle. The trays stack together with a cover, which allows you to store your sorted pieces securely.

Puzzle Roll Mats let you roll-up and save your partially completed puzzle for later.

Bits And Pieces jigsaw accessories are practical, easy to use and designed to make jigsaw puzzling more enjoyable and fun for the entire family. Many of our surfaces are covered with a high quality non-slip felt which allows you to easily move and place puzzle pieces. These puzzling products come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials. We are sure you will find the one that is the perfect fit for your needs.

Original Wooden Puzzle Organizer – The unique sorting, assembly, and storage system for jigsaw puzzles.
Four (4) Wooden-Reinforced Sliding Drawers – Our jigsaw puzzle organizer has four wooden-reinforced sliding drawers to sort and safely store your puzzle pieces. Organize by shapes or colors in these convenient built-in puzzle trays!
Super Smooth Work Surface – Sealed with lacquer finish to prevent warping. Pieces glide effortlessly into place and stay firmly planted due to our two-sided integrated edging. The open side makes it easier to keep your puzzle intact after finishing.
Practical Gift for all Puzzlers – This thoughtful puzzle accessory is a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, or as an anytime present!
Our Standard Size Wooden Puzzle Plateau work space measures 22 1/4” x 30″ and fits most 1000 pieces puzzles (puzzle sizes may vary – please check your favorite puzzle maker’s finished puzzle sizes). $74.99 $74.99 - $54.99


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