Bits and Pieces – Mini Book Money Box Brainteaser Puzzle Box – Wooden Brain Game Secret Box- Gift Box

51KPhyeKXQL. AC buynow3 Bits and Pieces has been creating and offering cash box puzzles, puzzle boxes, and brainteaser puzzles for over 20 years. We offer tantalizing challenges for the beginner, casual solver, and aficionado.
Money holder boxes are a clever way to present a gift of currency, gift card, or gift certificate with a puzzling challenge to release the gift. The recipient receives two gifts in one!
Our cash box puzzles are an ingenious way to conceal your treasures. These secret opening boxes save money, hide jewelry, or any small keepsake in beautiful classic style.
You don’t need a padlock to keep this wooden box locked up!
Try and find the trick opening through patience and a bit of clever manipulation.
A fun way to give money or a small gift.
Solution included.
Measures 4-1/2″ x 3″ x 2″. $12.98 $12.98


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